Regenovue Aqua Shine

non-cross linked HA (3 x 3ml)





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Regenovue Aqua Shine is a unique and ground-breaking mesotherapy product that has amazing and long-lasting skin restoration effects. From improving elasticity and boosting hydration levels to correcting the appearance of superficial lines, this new-generation cosmetic rejuvenation solution uses the impressive qualities of Hyaluronic Acid to supply dry, aging and/or tired skin with all the ingredients and substances it needs to remain youthful and radiant. Purchase it from Glam Derma and enjoy a competitive price.
Feature: Pure Non-cross linked HA


- Safest Material - Natural polysaccharides, an ingredient of extracellular matrix, naturally existing in human body
- Effective in Moisturization. 1 g of HA can concentrate 6 L of water molecules. HA contains 200-300 times more moisture than human body
- Anti-Aging. HA replenishes energetic source of cellular tissue and protects skin from aging.
- Skin Brightness
- Fine wrinkles removal
- Skin elasticity improvement
- Skin smoothing
- Skin pore tightening
- Maximizing cell proliferation
- Dead skin cell removal
- Acne improvement
- Deep scar improvement and Natural volume

Recommended Needle size:  30 Gauge

Main Composition: non-cross linked Hyaluronic Acid 15mg/ml
Recommended number of treatments:  At least 3 times for 1 month
Effect duration: Over 3 months