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Miracle H (hydration) for Collagen rejuvenation & Skin hydration. PCL + HA Contains solubilized PCL and 1% of non crosslinked HA NEOCOLLAGENESIS – Regular HA based mesotherapy products provide visible effect only for 1 - 2 weeks after a single procedure.

However, Miracle provides natural volumizing effect that lasts for more than a year after just a single procedure due to the cumulative effect of PCL degradation that causes neocollagenesis.

The regenerated collagen maintains the procedure effect for more than 12 months.

UNIQUE BIOPOLYMER TECHNOLOGY – Solubilized PCL, No adverse reactions, No massage required. Thanks to it’s unique solubilized PCL formula, Miracle can be injected with a 30G needle (as opposed to regular 26G needle that is usually used for similar mesotherapies).

Therefore, side effects such as pain and bruises are significantly decreased. The absence of particles in the solution helps to avoid occurrence of lumps or papules even without massage that is usually recommended after similar procedures.

DERMAL APPLICATION – Can be applied to dermis a layer that contains fibroblast

Suggested use

30g needle or 32 g needle + Luer Lock Syringe, hydra roller/stamp, Meso gun


+ Gift: Free Face Mask + 1 * Luer Lock syringes + 2 * 30g or 32g needles

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