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Nova Eyes is designed for needle mesotherapy treatments around the eyes.It has no side effects in the form of lymphoedema. Nova Eyes is high-quality product that repairs damage to the dermis with polynucleotides with a strong tissue regenerating effect . The effect of the treatment is strong hydration and rejuvenation of the tissue, as well as the reduction of symptoms of fatigue and dark circles.

Nova Eyes is a high-quality injection product based on polynucleotides (obtained from purified salmon milk DNA) that repair damage to the dermis with tissue regenerating material. The effect of the treatment is strong hydration and rejuvenation of the tissue, as well as the reduction of symptoms of fatigue and skin blueing.

Polynucleotide is used to regenerate damaged tissues, moisturise, restore volume, and smooth skin. The formulation of PN allows the repair of cells and damaged tissues from the inside.  Which stimulates the active synthesis of collagen, which helps to restore the DNA chains and increase the production of your own elastin as well as having strong antioxidant properties.

Nova Eyes stimulates the skin to self-regenerate. Thanks to the absorption speed there is no downtime with this treatment, you can return to your normal daily life straight after the treatment.

Number of treatments: 

- It is recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments with an interval of 4 weeks and repeat the treatment 2-3 times a year.

Product Indications: 

-Revitalisation of the eyelid area

-Sagging and numerous wrinkles

-Tiredness and bruising of the eyelids

Product Benefits:

-Complex whitening and skin rejuvenation

-Anti-aging and anti-fine wrinkles

-Restoration of damaged skin

-Forming a healthy skin barrier

-Regeneration of cells and tissues of the dermis

-Improvement of skin elasticity under eye

-Skin lightening & rejuvenation

Before the treatment:

-The treatment does not require any special preparations.

- Do patch test before treatment to find possible allergic reactions on the skin.

-The procedure will normally be preceded by an in-depth medical interview.

-Chemical peels and strong cosmetic products should not be used in the area where the treatment will be performed for 4-5 days before the treatment

-It is not recommended to drink alcohol 48 hours before the procedure

-Avoid strong heating of the body before the treatment (solarium, saunas, direct sunlight)

After the treatment:

- For 5 days do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, or warm-up treatments.

- Use daily SPF 50 sunscreen creams

- Avoid vigorous exercise for a week, sauna, swimming pool, gyms, hot baths, solariums. 

- Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours

-No make-up and strictly follow the rules of hygiene to prevent infection 

Possible side effects:

-Mild swelling in the area of application

-Slight redness and small injection marks

-Mild bruising due to skin pricking


-below 18 years old, pregnancy and lactation period, allergy / hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the products, hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections, skin inflammation, active herpes, i.e., viral lesions, severe forms of acne requiring pharmacological treatment, blood coagulation disorders, use of anticoagulant drugs, skin allergies, high susceptibility to allergies, damaged and irritated skin, connective tissue diseases, tendency to develop hypertrophic scars, tendency to develop keloids, sunburn, discontinuity of the epidermis, condition after surgery at the site of surgery (up to 2 months), multiple melanocytic marks, numerous telangiectasias, condition after cryotherapy (up to 6 months), skin cancers, including undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy

Suggested use

moisture, dark circles, skin rejuvenation, fine wrinkles, smoothing & lifting skin under eye


1 ml * 1 syr + 1 meso needle * 34G 4 mm

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