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Ammi Mulkwang PDRN Skin boosters
With biosynthesis action in skin tissues(epidermis, dermis) of PDRN which is a regenerative activity material of cell tissue, it recovers and maintains elasticity and health of skin. Hyaluronic Acid which is a component of human body gives moisture, moisturizing, smoothness, and gloss to skin and makes your skin healthy and elastically in addition to make glowing skin tone. Niacinamide is a solution for skin brightening and radiant.

Adds glow to your skin:
Ammi Mulkwang PDRN which is completed with PDRN and Hyaluronic Acid is the most powerful anti-aging solution to immediately supplement the moisture and to improve skin tone and elasticity.

What is PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide) of Ammi Mulkwang?
It is a DNA obtained by extracting from the testicles of salmonidae fish and a regenerative activity material existing within the living body.This acts on tissue formation and cell division as a regenerative ingredient and helps to improve the skin excellently within short-term period.

What is HA (Hyaluronic Acid) of Ammi Mulkwang?
Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient which naturally exists in human body as a component of cell and substrate. It gets reduced as it grew older and as a result, skin loses the elasticity and has more wrinkles. For the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of skin is the most excellent way to feel the immediate effect.

What is Niacinamide of Ammi Mulkwang?
Niacinamide, which is also called nicotinamide, is one of two major forms of vitamin B3 (niacin) found in supplements (the other is nicotinic acid). It's often touted to help manage acne, rosacea, pigmentation issues, and wrinkles.

If you want the glowing skin, Ammi Mulkwang skin booster is the most powerful solution
When most people feel the skin dry, they mostly want to use the cosmetics. As such method is not direct one, it is not satisfactory. So, for the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of skin is the most excellent way to feel the immediate effect.

Rich humectant factors supply appropriate moisture to the skin to keep the skin moist; contains PDRN, Niacinamide, Glutathione for bright and radiant skin. 

Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium DNA ( PDRN), Niacinamide, Glutathione, Sodium Chloride, Sodium phosphate dihydrate. 

Storage and handling:
- Keep out of reach and sight of children
- Do no store in excessive high or low temperatures and avoid sunlight
- Dispose the syringe in a safe disposal unit after use
- Disposal of the syringe is recommended after first use

Volume: 3 ml * 1 syringe

Manufacturer: Made in Korea

Suggested use

Derma roller, Derma stamp, derma pen, meso


3 ml * 1 syringe

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