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The main ingredient Polycaprolactone, diminishes facial wrinkles by restoring the underlying structure of the skin, stimulates person's own collagen growth to restore natural volume, and provides natural beauty for more than a year. 

PCL Power Booster is effective for  skin lifting and  collagen rejuvenation. It provides the dermis with moisture, due to which the skin becomes elastic and acquires a natural volume. 

Main Advantages:

- Polycaprolactone has been approved by FDA

- Hypoallergenic Ideal for rejuvenation if allergic to hyaluronic acid 

- Restores natural volume of tissues by stimulation of collagen regeneration 

- Does not contain micro-particles 

- Has a long lasting effect – over 1 year.  


- Moisturization

- Improvement of tissue tone and elasticity

- Smoothing small wrinkles

- Lifting Whitening and improvement of complexion 

- The main course consists of 3-4 sessions with a 4-week break.

- To maintain results, it’s necessary to carry out the procedure once a year. 

Composition :

It is packaged in vials of 2 ml. Contains a concentration of 10% PCL. 

Weight: 30 g

Manufacturer: South Korea 

Suggested use

30 g needle or 32 g needle + Luer Lock Syringes, MesoGun


+ Gift: Free Face Mask + 1 * Luer Lock syringes + 2 * 30g or 32g needles

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