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Sodiu Chloride: 10 mg/ml

Product efficacy:

- Moisturizing and skin rejuvenation

Polymer hyaluronic acid can provide sufficient moisture to the skin, and solve skin problems caused by water deficiency in the dermis by improving the water storage capacity of skin

- Skin revitalization

It can awaken fibroblasts, synthesize and secrete collagen fibers and elastic fiber, repair damaged cells, restore skin elasticity, and increase skin

- Nourishing skin bottom

Hyaluronic acid can help skin absorb and lock water better, prevent water from losing through epidermis, improve skin moisture and glossiness, and make skin moist and transparent


- Shrinking pores

It can replenish sufficient moisture to the skin, regulate water oil balance, reduce pore blockage, and thus reduce the problem of pore size

- Delaying aging

Polymer, micro-particle size, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid from Caratfill patent can directly reach the bottom of skin, gradually enhance skin elasticity, and slow down the rate of skin aging by activating the growth of autologous collagen

Product advantages:

QUICK results:

Caratfill HA booster is a high polymer particle without crosslinking hyaluronic acid hydration essence, which contains hyaluronic acid content as high as 20mg/ml. Its exclusive patent "Superconducting Polymer Sodium Hyaluronate" can enter the deep skin through pores and intercellular spaces to the dermis, and keep water deeply, so that it can nourish the skin, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.


Long-lasting exclusive water-locking sustained-release black technology is an important breakthrough technology in Caratfill HA booster. This directional sustained-release technology can promote the deep electrical attraction between products and skin, and the penetration depth can reach 75 microns, so that active hyaluronic acid can reach the skin floor directly, forming a long-acting biological protective film, which can continuously exert the moisturizing effect and break the disadvantage of short maintenance time of traditional water and light.

EFFECTIVE results:

The exclusive collagen activation and re-growth technology of Effective Caratfill HA booster can generate type VII collagen +46%, improve skin firmness, and type I collagen +37%, continuously release water molecules from skin bottom for 1080 hours, rebuild fiber elastic network, restore skin banging texture and make skin younger.


Caratfill HA booster is combined with exclusive gold ratio, which can not only make the product play a multi-effective water retention capacity, but also repair damaged epidermal cells, enhance the barrier function of epidermis cuticle, improve the natural resistance of skin, and provide good skin aging resistance and lasting water locking effect for skin.

Suggested use

Suitable for people with dry skin, lack of water, large pores, imbalance of water and oil.


5 syringes * 2.5ml

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