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VITADERM60, Bio Revitalizing Complex with 60 active  ingredients (Box/3ml*5vials)

This pink potion rejuvenates skin layers with the ingredients listed below:

-21 Amino Acids & 3 Peptides : Protein and Peptide components

-6-Intocell Growth Factor : Growth factor with enhanced percutaneous delivery system

-9-Vitamin & 2Antioxidents : Regulates epidermal metabolism and improves skin elasticity

-3-Nucleic Acid: Activator for biochemical reactions to help dermal renewal

-1-Coenzyme : Important substance in peptide and protein synthesis

-6-Minerals : Role of catalysts for many cellular functions and maintain ion balance in the medium

-Hyaluronic Acid 0.35% : Activate fibroblasts to produce new collagen, elastin

Indications: Wrinkles, Sunspots, Dull Skin, Thinning, Skin laxity and sagging

Efficacy: Improved moisture balancing and texture, Increased skin elasticity and brightening, Skin tone-up and glowing.

Expiry date: 2 years

Storage:Room temperature, not require refrigeration.

How To Use:

Vitaderm can be used with the following devices: Microcurrent, Galbanic, Agastik, Derma Roller, Derma Stamp, MTS Device.

 When using MTS:

Apply Vitaderm to improve skin tone and skin texture and then needling using MTS.

Needling the same area horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to form a dense channel.

Apply Vitaderm again and repeat the needling in the same pattern as above.

Making Mesotherapy:

Vitaderm with HA: Non-cross linked HA Filler 1cc + Vitaderm 1.5cc + 2% Lidocaine 0.3cc

Vitaderm with Toxin+PRP: Vitaderm 3cc + PRP 1cc +Toxin 20unit +2% Lidocaine 0.3cc

Vitaderm with Tranexamic acid: Vitaderm 3cc + Tranexamic acid 0.5ml + 2% Lidocaine 0.3cc

Vitaderm Single Use: Vitaderm 3cc + 2% Lidocaine 0.3cc

Product Information: 

VitaDerm for fibroblast activation

Several ingredients including, hyaluronic acid, amino acid, vitamin, sulfating agent, and enzyme contribute to fibroblast activation.

VitaDerm is bio-revitalizing solution with hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients. It restores the skin regeneration cycle by regenerating the fibroblasts of the dermal layer and keratinocyte of the epidermal layer.

Why are fibroblasts important??

The fibroblasts are the main cells that produce collagen which is involved in skin elasticity and moisturizing. Because 90% of the dermis is composed of Collagen with elastic fibers in net shape. Collagen is degraded by proteolytic enzymes. BUT, 'Fibroblast' is the re-creator of the collagen. However, as we age, fibroblasts activation diminishes and cell metabolic functions deteriorate.

▫️Premium MTS 1 month Program▫️

<Curenex&Vitaderm Ampoule program>

1 Week: Cleansing -> Snow Skin Booster(Microcurrent/Galvanic, etc.) -> Curenex (MTS) -> Curenex Mask/Modeling Pack

2 Week: Cleansing -> SnowPeel -> Snow Skin Booster(Special Massage) -> Curenex Mask/Modeling Pack

3 Week: Cleansing  -> Snow Skin Booster(Microcurrent/Galvanic, etc.) -> Vitaderm (MTS)  -> Curenex Mask/Modeling Pack

4 Week: Cleansing -> SnowPeel -> Snow Skin Booster(Special Massage) -> Curenex Mask/Modeling Pack

Suggested use

collagen production, anti-wrinkle, and skin rejuvenation effects.


5 vials * 3 ml

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