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The main advantage of Lipo Lab is that compared to most other lipo and fat resolving products on the market it is very non-aggressive. The fat removal solution si very mild and does not have the pronounced adverse effects that competing products have. Bruising, redness or inflammation are from moderate to non-existent. Lipo Lab is recommended to more sensitive patients or people who are using a hydrolysis solution for the first time. The box contains 10 vials of 10ml each, so there is enough Lipo Lab product in each package to enable doctors to perform a full treatment course to melt fat safely and conveniently. With it, doctors and beauty professionals can strategically remove fat tissues and shape the body of their patients. Lipo Lab PPC Features: Painless procedure – anesthetics are not required PPC treatment is more effective and less complicated than liposuction Purity of 99% of Sodium Deoxycholate While older methods, like mesotherapy, that generally only decrease fat cells in size, Lipo Lab injections dissolve them and fat cells are exhausted out of the body naturally Must more affordable than liposuction Thoroughly deals with cellulite and improves skin elasticity Quick treatment that doesn’t interfere with the patient’s schedule Can target specific areas of the body

Suggested use

The treatment of subcutaneous fat with LIPO LAB PPC is done at 10-day interval. Hyaluron pen or 30g needle


1 x 10ml

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